• HeyLookItzTanni


    September 20, 2013 by HeyLookItzTanni

    Hey, guys.

    So a lot of users don't go on much, or anymore and this wiki is dying. I have an idea that this could be sort of a "vacation" wiki. What is a "vacation" wiki, you ask?
    A vacation wiki is like one we go on when we're on our breaks, when we have more time for more then one wiki (as most of us are on one+ wiki). What do you think?

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  • TheCoreyyDarnell

    Helloooo. Well, I'm gonna keep it honest and I'm not cutting any corners, so I'm sorry in advance if you get offended in any way. I've lost interest in this wiki for the most part, and I usually never come here unless I have notifications, which is a rarity as I never do/say anything here. I've demoted myself and I'm asking Nia or Shor to remove the admin link and to remove me from the administrator list on the Wiki Navigation, and any other things that I no longer have the exclusive right to as an administrator. I'm deleting all of my OCs, with the exception of Genevieve and Faith, and I'm warning you now: I'm most likely not going to use them unless you start an RP with them and MW me about it, as I sparingly troll the Wiki Activity for …

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  • Minithepeanut


    September 9, 2013 by Minithepeanut

    This is just a blog to say that I'm way too busy right now for a second RP wiki and so I'm disabling my one character here and I'll probably not be here a lot. (If you send me a message or whatever, I'll respond) but I'm just going to be sticking to Lumblr (at least until November 4 when I have my final HSC exam). Sorry guys. This wiki's still a cool idea and everything but I just don't have time and I always leave this to last when replying anyway.

    Thanks for reading


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  • Catxcrazy

    sorry i stink at titles

    So, I didn't know that the ask box for the wiki tumblr wasn't open yet, and yeah.

    So, you can start confessing and stuff.


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  • HeyLookItzTanni

    yay you guys know I always make surveys

    1. First OC you made here?
    2. Favorite FC you want to reserve/using/currently reserving?
    3. Best personality to roleplay? (Sarcastic, nice to everyone, ditzy, etc.)
    4. Have you ever based an OC off of someone? (In general, can be based off of real people or just characters from somewhere)
    5. Favorite OC you have ever had? (In general)
    6. Vampires or werewolves? (On this wiki)
    7. Least favorite personality to roleplay? (Read number three)
    8. Which of your OCs would most likely eat a bug? (OCs can be from anywhere)
    9. Super strength or super speed?
    10. Do you like taking surveys?

    So um yeah.

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  • Catxcrazy

    So, I made a confessions tumblr for this wiki.

    You can send in confessions now (Like, being excited about characters/wiki), or when the roleplaying kicks in more.

    I used Dianna Agron for the sidebar images, and icon.

    We can vote to change the pictures and themes to what you guys want.

    So, um, yeah.

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