Released 20 September 2004
Recorded Studio 301, Major's Studio, Cologne, Germany
December 2003 - August 2004
Length 50:59
Label AFM
Producer Torsten Sickert, Chris Lietz
Deluxe edition CD cover

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Classic Diamonds is the ninth studio album by the German female hard rock singer Doro Pesch.[1] It was released worldwide in 2004 by AFM Records. The album presents new acoustic and symphonic arrangements for songs from Doro’s repertoire, as well as some new compositions. The music is mostly played by the Classic Night Orchestra, an ensemble of young classical musicians that accompanied Doro in the following European tour.[2]



Doro Pesch had already experienced mixing her powerful hard rock vocals with a symphonic orchestra in 2001 in a concert in Düsseldorf and later in 2003 for a benefit concert in Bochum. Excerpts from both shows are contained in the Für Immer DVD. The results of the two shows and the reaction of the fans prompted the German singer to plan a more organic approach to the symphonic facets of her songs, scheduling an album and a tour with an orchestra. The Classic Night Orchestra was recruited looking for young, open-minded, and multi-ethnic classical musicians, reaching the number of 30 elements.[3] With the help of the classically trained band member Oliver Palotai and producer Torsten Sickert, Doro arranged some old and new tracks for the orchestra and recorded them in Cologne. The album took almost eight months to complete and is the most expensive recording produced by Doro.[3]

Besides the eleven songs played with the orchestra, the album contains two tracks recorded live and acoustically in studio by Doro’s band and two other tracks played by Torsten Sickert with an emulator tuned to classical instruments.

The album was published at the same time of the European tour,[4] where many elements of the Classic Night Orchestra played together with Doro’s usual live band in most venues. At Wacken Open Air festival on 6 August 2004, the full Classic Night Orchestra was on stage for the show.[5] Various shows of the Classic Diamonds tour were filmed and later released on Classic Diamonds - The DVD.

The album was published in various formats by AFM Records, with and without bonus tracks and even as a deluxe 2-CD set, together with the Let Love Rain on Me EP.

"Breaking the Law" is a cover of the Judas Priest song, recorded on their 1980 album British Steel.

The album peaked at position No. 33 in the German Longplay chart.[6]


Track listingEdit

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  • Limited edition also has "Let Love Rain on Me" music video.




The Classic Night OrchestraEdit

  • Conductor – Arnt Böhme (orchestral arrangements on tracks 1, 2, 5)
  • First Violins – Hye-sin Tjo, Ardan Saguner, Nonna Parfenov, Elda Teqja, Marco Stankovic, Ingrid Illguth
  • Second Violins – Carolin Kosa, Arhan Saguner, Emma Fridman, Jee-eun Lee, Alexander Schneider
  • Violas – Wiebke Corssen, Urs Beckers, Ernst Hesse, Kristina Iczque, Manuela Crespi
  • VioloncellosLev Gordin (soloist), Martin Henneken, Jens Peter Jandausch, Luise Schroeter
  • Contrabass – Milivoj Plavsic
  • Trumpets – Daniel Edelhoff, Jörg Brohm
  • Second Trumpets – Wolfgang Mundt, Carsten Gronwald
  • Trombones – Andreas Roth, Peter Schatlo
  • Bass Trombone – Jan Böhme
  • Acoustic Guitars – Klaus 'Major' Heuser
  • Drums – Wolf Simon
  • Percussion – Mario Arrangonda


Additional musiciansEdit

  • Oliver Best – backing vocals
  • Johnny Dee – drums on tracks 10 and 14
  • Udo Dirkschneider – lead vocals on track 3
  • Nick Douglas – bass on tracks 10 and 14
  • Claus Fischer– bass on track 4
  • Kai Hansen – guitars and bass on track 13, acoustic guitars, backing vocals
  • Richard van Madenfort – guitars, backing vocals
  • Thomas Nathan – backing vocals
  • Oliver Palotai – piano, orchestral arrangements on tracks 6, 7, 12, 15
  • Dirk Schoppen – bass on track 4, backing vocals
  • Torsten Sickert – producer, Midnight Orchestra on tracks 9 and 13, orchestral arrangements on tracks 3, 4, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15
  • Joe Taylor – acoustic guitar on tracks 10 and 14
  • Klaus Vanscheidt – backing vocals
  • Martin Wagemann – solo trumpet



  • Chris Lietz – producer
  • Mika Jussila – mastering
  • Wieland Reißmann – engineer, orchestral arrangements on track 9
  • Thorsten Rentsch – engineer, mixing




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