Helloooo. Well, I'm gonna keep it honest and I'm not cutting any corners, so I'm sorry in advance if you get offended in any way. I've lost interest in this wiki for the most part, and I usually never come here unless I have notifications, which is a rarity as I never do/say anything here. I've demoted myself and I'm asking Nia or Shor to remove the admin link and to remove me from the administrator list on the Wiki Navigation, and any other things that I no longer have the exclusive right to as an administrator. I'm deleting all of my OCs, with the exception of Genevieve and Faith, and I'm warning you now: I'm most likely not going to use them unless you start an RP with them and MW me about it, as I sparingly troll the Wiki Activity for RPs like I do on CDW or Lumblr. Sooooo, this is sorta like a goodbye to SOF in a way, because I'm finally getting how I feel about it off my chest. No hard feelings to any of the users, OCs, and ideas implemented here, but I'm just not feeling it anymore. I'll still check the Wiki Activity every now and again to see what you guys are up to, but I'm not really gonna be here anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope that this wiki prospers in my absence. Thank you for your time. C: